Azonic solutions Ltd history has been driven by innovation and have continually introduced exciting and market driven products. The first product range is the Tempscan. This is a range of temperature monitoring devices which are fitted to refridgerated lorries and trailers so that the drivers, gate houses and customers can monitor the internal temperature of the trailers at a glance. The Tempscan range was introduced around 7 years ago with a standard 2 compartment LED readout unit. This was fairly bulky but did the job. Since the introduction of the Tempscan there have been various re-designs to reduce the overall size of the unit and to increase visibility of redouts.

Recently a new range of Tempscan's has been introduced, this is the LCD version which comes in a various forms starting from the basic 1 channel budget version all the way up to the 3 channel backlight version. New versions of the Tempscan range are being developed at the minute such as data logging and these will be available in the near future.

The second of Azonics product range are the motorbike indicator warning devices. These were introduced April 2009. Me being a Motorbike rider I have had a few near misses due to the fact that I have forgotten to turn my indicators off, hence cars thinking I'm turning when I'm not. These sort of situations can be fatal. I thought of this idea when I first passed my bike test a few years ago and made a little device similar to the BIS01 (basic version) which told me that my indicators were on. Several of my bike buddies asked me about it recenetly and thought it was a good idea so I decided to start manufacturing them. I have devolped 3 ranges, 1 which gives and audioble warning when your indicators are on (basic model and delayed model) and the second range is a high intesity LED which flashes in time with your indicators but is a lot more viasable than the standard warning lights on most bikes, this also comes in 2 varieties, the basic model and delayed model, the third range is a mixture of audible and visual with high intensity LED and sounder. All units are doing very well. Keep an eye out for more motorbike accessories that I am in the process of developing to keep us bikers a bit safer. These units can also be fitted to cars so if you forget to turn your indicators off in the car then this is for you as well.

The third and final product range (at the minute) is the DIY kits, these are for all those of you out there that want to try your hand at some electronic projects ranging from a simple flashing LED for the beginner to a complete robot for the more advanced.