Sub Contract Assembly Services

Azonic Solutions is PRIMARILY a provider of resources, to help you overcome those overload issues that are inevitable in a lean environment. Providing a fast and cost effective solution to subcontract manufacturing for electronic and mechanical products in their entirety or any subassembly.

We have a resource of competent workers all of which are selected to ensure a quality product/service.

Our service is provided at a minimum cost to the end user whilst maintaining maximum control and quality at all times.

Delivery is a key issue to ensure that our customers can work with a required schedule and KNOW that their goods will be delivered ON TIME.

We will provide support for one off projects and quantity manufacturing. These can be as small as soldered joint or single screw assembly OR major projects/assemblies consisting of many hundreds of hours of work. These may be wholly mechanical or electronic or a combination of both plus system panels and/or cabinet assembly and wiring.

Design of products including electronics, systems, computers, IT & mechanical technologies to a bespoke specification is also available. Procurement and supply of resources for component based items through to skilled labour plus direct purchasing and sub contract machining resources can also be provided

General Assembly

General electronic assembly, Conventional PCB assembly, Surface Mount PCB assembly, Cable forms and harnesses.

Turnkey Products

Computer and perfieral Build